ICOM President invited to ICOM France 2012 General Assembly

ICOM President Dr Hans-Martin Hinz with Denis-Michel Boëll, Chair of ICOM France, and Wim de Vos, Chair of ICOM Belgium

Last month, ICOM President Dr Hans-Martin Hinz was invited to speak at the ICOM France 2012 General Assembly, held at the Musical Instruments Museum in Brussels on 11-12 May, 2012. Organised jointly with ICOM Belgium, the event included a museology seminar on the topic “Museums and Private Actors: New Forms of Partnership?”, allowing for dialogue around ethics as pertains to patronage, compensation and other related issues. This cross-border encounter gave members of the two National Committees the opportunity to gather together for the mutually enriching sharing of experience and shed light on the Belgian museum landscape for French colleagues, who had the opportunity to visit the many impressive museums and exhibitions of Brussels. The event successfully illustrated how ICOM’s National Committees are a driving force in encouraging exchange and collaboration, resulting in this type of exemplary transnational cooperation.

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